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Father’s Day S’mores


Father’s Day has come and gone, but I think Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be a day that is celebrated all year long. Especially if you have great parents as I do.
This past weekend we spent the weekend at Granddaddy’s (My dad’s house) and of course we had a great time.
The kids got to experience making s’mores straight from Granddaddy’s grill. It was really fun because I hadn’t had s’mores like that since I was their age.
The best part was eating the s’mores, I could have eaten more than the two that I had because they were GREAT!!! The kids were funny; they enjoyed the excitement in toasting the marshmallows but preferred the chocolate only when it came to eating.
Another fun weekend at granddaddy house! J
My Daddy and 4 of his 5 Grands


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